The Solution to Your Test Equipment Dilemma

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Engineers are adept at solving the most difficult technical challenges, but they often find themselves stymied when it comes to managing an inventory of electronic test equipment. The problems of limited budget, shifting projects and fluid business conditions can lead to frustration.

How do you solve the problem of having the right test equipment at the right time? What if you have a limited-time need for high voltage test equipment or a circuit breaker timer? What if you want to run an AC hipot test but your equipment just died? What if you just heard about a new power quality analyzer but it’s not in your budget?

The answer is deceptively simple: test equipment rental. Instead of buying all your test equipment new and holding onto it forever, consider renting. Adding test equipment rental to your acquisition matrix gives you immense flexibility in managing changing business needs.

With test equipment rental, you can replace failed equipment or evaluate equipment before actually purchasing it. Test equipment rental saves you money when you need a relay test set or secondary injection test set for a single project or for a limited amount of time. Test equipment rental is a savior when you don’t have the capital to buy needed equipment.

Test equipment rental lets you quickly adjust to a changing environment. You can rent that power quality analyzer week-to-week or month-to-month …whatever serves your purpose. So don’t let managing your test equipment inventory become a problem. Take a look at Protect Equipment Resources’ flexible test equipment rental options.