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The Sencore LC53 LC Meter, Available for Rent from Protec

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LC filters are sensitive to changes in component values. This changes the frequency response of the filter and affects equipment operation. Low tolerance values are needed especially in telecommunication and audio equipment. If you need to test inductors and capacitors, consider getting the Sencore LC53 Inductance and Capacitance meter.

LC filters play an important role in an electronic or electrical circuit. It prevents unwanted signals from passing through, resonates at a certain frequency, serves as an impedance image in audio circuits and more. It is important to have the right electrical test equipment to measure LC values to ensure accurate tuning. One of the most reliable testers on the market is the Sencore LC53 Inductance and Capacitance meter. It allows you to test components with values of 1 picoFarad to 200 000 microFarad and 1 microHenry to 10 Henries. The wide range allows it to test most LC components found in electronic and electrical circuits. 

You can check out the Sencore LC53 Meter from Protec Equipment Resources. Get the best test equipment rental deals when you source tools from us. We also offer other test equipment to cater to your diagnostic needs. Contact us for more information about our equipment rental service.