The SBS 2002 Hydrometer, A Good Upgrade to Your Current Battery Testing Equipment

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Keeping batteries well maintained can help reduce expenses on replacements and can ensure continuous operation. You must have a good set of battery testers so you can regularly check the performance and condition of your batteries. If you are looking for a good hydrometer, consider checking out the SBS 2002 Battery Hydrometer.

Hydrometers allow you to check the specific gravity of your battery’s electrolyte. This information is used to determine the charge state of the battery. Traditional glass hydrometers take a few minutes to determine the specific gravity of the electrolyte. Using the SBS 2002 Battery Hydrometer reduces testing time within 3 seconds. This tool is a good upgrade to your battery testing equipment because it saves you time and money on labor expenses.  It uses light refraction to determine the specific gravity and has a range of 1.0000 to 3.000. It is powered by a 9 Volt battery and weighs only 8 oz making it portable. It has a clear LCD screen for displaying specific gravity and electrolyte temperature. 

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