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The Rugged and Reliable Raytech Micro Centurion Low Resistance Ohmmeter

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MicroOhmmeters are essential tools used in electrical troubleshooting and can also be used in testing joined metals. It allows you to measure extremely low resistance and detect minute resistance changes. One of the reliable meters on the market is the Raytech Micro Centurion Automatic MicroOhmmeter. This tool boasts a wide range of features for effective low resistance measurement.

The Micro Centurion automatic low resistance Ohmmeter features a pure filtered DC power supply to ensure that it only gives clean power with minimal ripple. It has a current output of 200 Amperes which allows it to measure resistance accurately from 0.01 Ω up to 5 Ω. It also has an automatic internal diagnostics and calibration system so it is always accurate every time you use it. You can attach the Micro Centurion to a computer using its Centronics port or through its RS232 serial port for remote diagnostics. It has a rugged construction which allows it to tolerate drops as high as 1 meter without damage. This DLRO makes it suitable for field and industrial uses.

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