The Rugged and Portable High Voltage PFT-303 AC hipot is a Suitable Tool for Field Applications

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When conducting a hipot test, it is important to get a tester that provides a stable test voltage to ensure accurate test results. It should also have enough power output to effectively stress down the insulation. You might want to check out hipot testers from High Voltage Inc. Their PFT series offers compact, lightweight, powerful and reliable testers suitable for field and industrial applications.

The PFT-303 is an AC hipot tester featuring a test voltage of 30 kiloVolts with up to 100 milliAmperes output current. Its output test voltage is variable so you can configure it according to the testing standards you need. It has a compensation system that adjusts the tester when testing capacitive loads like long cable installations. It is effective in assessing insulation reliability of bushings, stand-offs, switch gears, transformers, vacuum interrupters and other electrical components. It has a built-in voltmeter and ammeter with an accuracy of 2% F.S. Its good features make it a great addition to your current electrical test equipment.

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