The Right Tool for the Right Job to make the Right Money

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One of the things that all companies struggle with is determining what inventory mix they need to have on hand in order to support their customers.  High voltage test equipment is expensive to purchase and there has to be a clear and consistent need before it can make sense to buy.  This can cause headaches for companies who have more skills and people than equipment.

One point where these cost benefit analysis conversations turn interesting is with respect to secondary injection test sets.  There are so many different models and vintages of trip units in the market it is nearly impossible for the average testing company to have every secondary injection set they need.  This is also true because some secondary injection sets aren’t made any more.

That is where we come in.  Whether you need application assistance to figure out which secondary injection set is needed, or if you are just trying to figure out if it can best tested without going the primary route give us a call.  We deal with this everyday so we can definitely help you out.  And if it turns out that you have a short-term need we have you covered.

Combine our inventory and knowledge the secondary injection test sets, our inventory, and the fact that our minimum rental period is one day, and all of a sudden you have an attractive option for meeting customer needs in a very cost effective way.