The Reliable EZCT-10 10 Ampere CT Tester from Vanguard Test Equipment

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Current transformers allow low current devices such as metering and monitoring circuits to be connected to the main line. Current transformers isolate these low-powered devices from the main line to avoid getting damaged. It is important to test their accuracy and reliability to ensure smooth operation of the electrical system. A bad current transformer can cause erroneous readings in the monitoring circuits and may not trip the protective units in case a fault occurs.

For easy and fast current transformer diagnostics, check out the EZCT-10 10 Ampere CT Tester. It can perform automated winding polarity test, CT excitation and current-ratio tests. It automatically adjusts test voltage suitable for the device. You only need to set the appropriate excitation test configuration. It is also possible to to test any combination of X1 up to X5. This tester also can measure current-ratio from 0.8 to 5000:1. It can be used a a stand-alone tester or it can be interfaced with a computer through its USB or RS232 port. 

Protec Equipment Resources offers the EZCT-10 for rent. We also have other Vanguard test equipment available to cater to your needs. Contact our equipment specialists today to learn more about our services.