The Relay Test Set by Megger Test Equipment

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Without relays, electrical equipment could easily fail or cause injury.  Relays help to ensure power safety throughout an entire electrical system by receiving small signals to operate a switch that sends current to larger circuits.

Through the use of protective relays, those who work around high voltage equipment are protected from being in close proximity to dangerously powerful circuits. They only need to handle a switch so that the relay, which is infinitely faster than humans, can send signals to those circuits, thus eliminating concerns of possible equipment damage or injuries due to currents arcing.

Relays need to be regularly tested and maintained so that they continue to function correctly and without hazard to nearby workers.  The relay test set is the first line of defense for ensuring that the relays within electrical apparatus are functioning and can be counted on to perform safely time and again. Megger test equipment is well known in the industry for safe and reliable electrical test equipment such as the following three models available through our affordable rental program:

Megger SR98 Single Phase

This portable Megger unit works well in the field for electromechanical, microprocessor, solid state, motor overload relays as well as small circuit breakers.

Megger MPRT8430 Three Phase

The MPRT8430 model offers routine testing without usual relay test complexities for electrical utilities and power plants as well as heavy industrial needs.

Megger Pulsar Three Phase
The Megger Pulsar is the smallest and lightweight relay testers to date with the ability to test all protective relay types.

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