The Purpose of a Relay Test Set

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It is very important to protect your electrical equipment by using a relay test set. Not diagnosing and maintaining your equipment regularly can lead to huge repair expense as well as put yourself or other workers at risk for injury.

Properly maintaining the relay is crucial because it can also help protect your equipment from overloads that lead to damage that is costly to repair. You will want to invest in relay testing equipment and test regularly to avoid any injuries. It is a small investment for peace of mind.

There are two different types of relay testing kits: single phase, which typically tests single phase generational relays and the three phase system that tests for overvoltage and overcurrent, distance and differential. These testing methods can find electrical switch faults that are often not visible to the naked eye, and proactively testing your valuable equipment will find problems so they can be fixed before turning into major issues.

One of the better relay testing sets is Doble relay systems. Doble test products have a good reputation and are well known for reliability. Their models are used widely throughout the electrical community. Renting this test equipment offers a cost effective means to preserve capital for other business expenses. We handle calibration and shipment direct to your door or job site along with all the maintenance needs for as long as you rent or lease the equipment. Give us a call to receive a rental quote on the equipment your business needs.