The Pulsar from Megger Test Equipment Offers Flexible Test Options

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The Megger Pulsar three phase relay tester is one of the modules on the market that offers customization through optional modules. The modular design allows you to attach expansion units to enhance testing capabilities. With different modules available, you can customize your test set so it has only the functions you need. 

Other relay test sets on the market either do not have the functions you need or have them but have other functions you do not need. This causes higher costs on equipment purchases. TheMegger Pulsar allows you to add modules like voltage amplifiers, current amplifiers, battery simulators, timers and monitors. These modules easily slide into the Megger Pulsar for replacement or customized configuration. It also includes the Megger AVTS software that allows you to conduct computerized tests using a PC. It has high intensity LEDs that provide information about the outputs. This relay test set also features an auto-range changing feature that changes the range during diagnostics to speed up testing time.

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