The Protec Equipment Resources Advantage

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You need equipment and people you can count on, and Protec understands that. With our continued expansion into new regions, you have more options…local inventory for even better shipping rates, and great application support from local teams who work hard to get to know your special requirements.

It all boils down to great customer service, not lip service. We mean it in a big way: more convenience, and the smartest way to get the equipment you need to be successful today.

We pride ourselves on our core values, and when you call or email us you will find us to be:

Proactive: We don’t wait and hope things work out; we take advantage of every opportunity to ensure success.

Responsive: When you contact us, whether it is for a quote, technical support, or just help you will have the information you requested immediately.

Principled: We do the right thing. We do not use internal procedures as a reason not to do something; we use them as a framework to ensure that we are doing the right thing.

Customer Focused: Your success is our success, so everything we do is geared toward making you more competitive and successful in the marketplace.

Reliable: Everyone that deals with us can count on us to do what we say – vendors, customers, employees, friends, and family.

Each Protec office stocks a full complement of electrical test and measurement equipment.  Offering equipment from DobleMeggerVanguardRaytech and other premium manufacturersProtec offers for rent, lease or purchase, all the electrical testing equipment you need to get the job done.