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The Portable and Rugged 247001 Megger DLRO

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Low resistance measurement lets technicians find structural defects on bonded metals like bus bars, terminals and other electrical connections. Internal problems like corrosion can only be detected by extensive testing. It is important to keep good connections to ensure stable operation and maximum power delivery.

MicroOhmmeters are tools used for low resistance measurement. Unlike ordinary Ohmmeters, this tool operates in a different way. It employs a double kelvin bridge in measuring low resistance. This configuration allows it to offset the terminal and lead resistance, giving you accurate results. One popular meter is the Megger 247001. It features a single pak construction with a durable casing and handle. It has an accuracy of ±25% and a resolution of 0.1 μΩ. This DLRO allows different clamps like kelvin clamps, c-clamps, helical spring point and fixed point leads depending on your testing needs. This accurate and portable tester makes it ideal for production and field testing.

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