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The Portable and Powerful ISA T-1000 Relay Test Set

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Relays are switching devices that allow a lower current to control very high currents. These devices isolate dangerous currents from the user. If the switch fails, the user is protected from the high current present in the main line. Relays are also used as protective devices which switch out current in case of an overload or a circuit fault.

It is a good idea to regularly assess the condition of relays to avoid problems in the power line. Due to the constant switching of relays, the contacts are at risk of degradation. Inductive kickbacks and contacts arcing are some of the problems that deteriorate a relay. There are also times that the coil gets a partial short or opens up due to electrical stress. 

relay test set contains all the necessary tools to thoroughly assess the reliability of relays. One you might want to check out is the ISA T-1000. It is microprocessor controlled and has high powered outputs. These features allows it to test low power to high power devices accurately. The T-1000 is compact and lightweight, making it suitable for field applications.

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