The Portable and Powerful High Voltage VLF-6022 60 KiloVolt VLF Hipot

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Hipot is a quick and easy method for assessing the condition of cables. When testing cables that are in operation, the most suitable method is the AC type. Using DC hipot on cables that are in operation can cause premature failure because this test uses a test voltage 1.414 higher than the normal AC type. If you are thinking of getting a hipot tester, consider the High Voltage VLF-6022 60 kiloVolt VLF Hipot.

This tester is an AC high potential tester but has a 0.1 Hertz or lower instead of the normal 50 or 60 Hertz. Cables act like capacitors which have a low reactance to the frequency of a VLF high potential tester. This means less power is needed to conduct the test.


  • Variable output voltage from 0-60 kiloVolts 
  • Selectable frequency of 0.1, 0.05 and 0.02 Hertz
  • Can test cables up to 35 kV with a maximum distance of 10 miles
  • Integrated voltmeter with a range of up to 60 kvAC
  • Charging current meter with a range of 0-100 mA
  • 2-piece design for portability

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