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The Portable and High Current MOM2 Megger Meter

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A lot of digital MicroOhmmeters available on the market today are large and can be difficult to move around especially in the field. If you are looking for a simple handheld meter that can measure extremely low resistance, you might be interested in the Megger MOM2 MicroOhmmeter

This Megger meter is designed to serve a number of applications for low resistance measurement. It can safely measure resistance of bus-bar joints, relay and circuit breaker contacts and other high current links. It is rugged and lightweight which makes it suitable for field work. The best feature of this meter is that it runs on batteries but can put out as much as 220 Amperes current. This feature is made possible by its ultra high capacity capacitor. 

Key Features

  • Dual digital display
  • Powered by 5 AA 2700 mAh NIMH batteries
  • Internal protection for wrong battery type
  • 3 user presets
  • Built-in interference suppression to ensure accurate results even in noisy environments
  • Measures resistance from 0-1000 mΩ
  • Bluetooth module for PC communication
  • Ingress Protection 54 rating
  • Weighs 1 kg

You can rent or purchase the MOM2 from Protec Equipment Resources. Please give our application specialists a call at 1-866-352-5550 for more details.