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The Portable and Dependable AEMC 5600 10 Ampere DLRO

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Changes in conductor resistance is an indication of degradation. Corrosion, contaminants and moisture causes resistance changes. The change in resistance can cause result to Ohmic heating and speed up the deterioration. Regular resistance checks allow you to determine the condition of the electrical component. This lets you recondition the part before it causes serious problems.

Reconditioning minor faults is a lot cheaper and easier to fix than a fully damaged electrical component. When a part goes bad, there’s a possibility of damaging the whole electrical system including the equipment attached. This can cause a big headache because of the down time and the expenses on repairs and equipment replacements.

To help you spot problems in the electrical system, consider getting the AEMC 5600 10 Ampere DLRO. This microOhmmeter has enough current to measure the low resistance of conductors in the electrical system. It can measure resistance from 2000 μΩ up to 200 Ω. This DLRO is battery powered, making it easy to carry and move around the electrical facility.

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