The Multi-Function Fluke 43B Power Quality Recorder

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An electrical line plagued with harmonics and voltage variations can cause serious problems. If neglected, can cause the total failure of the electrical facility and the equipment equipment attached. Some of the problems caused by low power quality are overheating of transformers and motors, false trips of protective devices, loss of sync of motors, erroneous operation of sensitive electronic equipment and high power draw from the line. Technicians like to use power quality analyzers to measure distortion for the proper conditioning of the power line.

These devices measure and sort out various distortion in the electrical line. The gathered information lets technicians formulate the optimal conditioning of the electrical line. It measures sags, spikes, harmonics and other voltage variations. One of the popular analyzers on the market today is the Fluke 43B Power Quality Recorder. This is a lightweight and portable device that has various functions like a multimeter, oscilloscope and data recorder. This versatile tester makes it suitable for various testing applications in the power facility.

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