The Multi-Featured Amprobe DM-III Power Quality Recorder

Amprobe_dm-iiiComputers are one of the most common contributors of electrical line noise. Their switched-mode power supply oscillates at a very high frequency which causes harmonics to be generated and reduces the power quality. This can affect other equipment connected to the circuit and can damage them.

Engineers often use compensation capacitor networks to correct power line issues caused by poor power quality. However, you cannot just add a compensation bank on the power system. You should determine the amount of distortion present in the line to calculate for the right amount of correction. Power quality analyzers help engineers examine the extent of distortion in the line. You can choose from several popular analyzers from manufacturers like Hioki power test instruments, Megger equipment, Dranetz power testing tools and Amprobe testers. One of the most recommended model is the Amprobe DM-III Power Quality Recorder. It allows you to analyze power quality characteristics of single and poly-phase systems up to 600 Volts AC. It also has the capability to measure insulation and ground resistance. This versatile tool is essential in diagnosing common electrical issues.

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