The MPRT 8430 from Megger Test Equipment

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The Megger Protective Relay Test System is one of the most commonly used test set in heavy industrial facilities and power plants. It features a wide range of test options for testing relays in three phase power facilities. This makes it a preferred test tool by many engineers.

The MPRT 8430 can provide an output 300Volts at 30 Amperes RMS. The current amplifiers can be used in parallel to provide a maximum output current of 120 Amperes. It high continuous output current makes it suitable for high voltage protective relays and a panel of relays. You can integrate this relay test set with an optional TouchView Interface that allows you to control the MPRT easily. This remote control has a large touch screen LCD with all the necessary controls in it. This makes testing more convenient and simple. It also features high accuracy amplifiers, sophisticated test algorithms and a DC transducer input. This minimizes additional hardware or software for most relay testing applications. All the necessary features you need are packed into one test instrument.

Protec offers the MPRT 8430 and other Megger test equipment for rent. We offer rentals at various durations to suit your needs. Contact us today so we can discuss rental options that suits your needs.