The MOM2 Megger DLRO Offers High Current Output Even on Batteries

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When testing very low resistances, it is important to have a MicroOhmmeter with a high current output. Using a low powered one can give you inaccurate results. One of the high powered MicroOhmmeters you might be interested in is the Megger MOM2. It features a portable construction making it an ideal tool for field testing.

The MOM2 Megger meter is a battery operated tool that can be used to measure the resistance of high-current links, bus bars, relay contacts, switch gears and even welded joints. It can put out 220 Amperes test current without the need to be powered by the mains line. This is made possible by the high capacity ultra capacitor that has the capability to store more power compared to ordinary capacitors. It has an auto range function and can measure resistance from 1 μΩ up to 1000mΩ. The test results can be transferred to a computer for archiving or analysis using its Bluetooth wireless connection. The MOM2 Megger tester also features a dual ground design for enhanced safety during testing.

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