The Megger SR-98 Relay Tester Allows You to Test Various Protective Relays Accurately

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If you are looking for an advanced relay tester, you might be interested in the Megger SR-98. It uses a powerful microprocessor and Digital Signal Processing for fast and accurate relay diagnostics. It has the capability to test various types of relays like electromechanical, microprocessor based and solid state relays.

The Megger SR-98 relay test set features a New Current Actuate Mode that lets you capture currents and trip operation of motor overload relays, small molded case circuit breakers and single pole protective devices. It also has an advanced phase shifting system that allows you to adjust the phase angle relationship of up to 360 degrees between current and voltage. The phase shifting allows you to measure values like maximum torque angle, reach, closing angles and directional balance points. Another great feature of the SR-98 is its adjustable output test voltage frequency. You have 5 frequency settings with a maximum output frequency of 125 Hertz. It can also generate 2nd, 3rd and 5th harmonic currents which allows you to test transformer differential relays with harmonic restraint elements.

The Megger SR-98 offers a complete relay testing system for most protective relay types. It is available for rent from Protec Equipment Resources. If you are interested in renting the SR-98,contact us today for a quote.