The Megger Pulsar’s Modular Design Allows Expandability of Features

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Some of the relay testers on the market today only offer basic functionality. It would be wise to invest in a tester that offers multiple testing features. This will help you save money because you do not need to purchase separate equipment for other relay diagnostic tests.

One of the best relay testers used by technicians is the Megger Pulsar three phase relay test set. It has a modular design so you can add optional modules to enhance testing features. You an add high current output units like the EPOCH-20 and EPOCH II output units. You can also add voltage, timer, input, interface modules and more. It is light enough to be carried by one person making it ideal for field diagnostics. This Megger tester also has a tough casing to handle rough conditions in power plants and substations. It can be operated as a stand-alone tester or can be connected to a computer. While connected, you can use the Megger AVTS program for automatic dynamic, transient and steady-state diagnostic tests.

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