The Megger PFL40A Offers a Complete Cable Fault Locating System

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If you need a powerful tester for locating faults in cables, you might be interested in the Megger PFL40A. It is a complete system that offers arc reflection, proofing, MTDR and hipot testing. This system is a good investment for fault detection and insulation testing.

The Megger PFL40A allows you to spot problems in underground cables using its arc reflection mode. It can put out 2000 Joules of power with selectable voltage options of 8, 16 and 34 kiloVolts. The selectable voltage output allows you to “thump” cables at a lower voltage and work your way up. This reduces the risk of further damage during “thumping”. Its DC hipot mode has a maximum output voltage of 40 kiloVolts which makes it ideal for insulation testing on cables, motors and other electrical equipment. The MTDR mode offers comprehensive cable analysis. It can be used on coaxial cables, phone lines, power lines and data lines. This versatile cable fault locator makes it a good addition to your current test equipment. 

Protec Equipment Resources offers the PFL40A for rent. We offer Megger test equipment and other tools from popular brands. Give us a call at 1-866-352-5550 today for a rental estimate.