The Megger PFL20M1500, A Complete Cable Fault Locator System

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The Megger PFL20M1500 is a complete system used to locate problems in cable facilities. This system can greatly help speed up repair time and restore service immediately. You might want to consider investing in one to minimize down time and the risk electrical hazards.

Most fault locators offered on the market only offer one method of locating problems in cables. It would be great to have a system that offers multiple fault locating options. If you are looking for a good locator, you might be interesated in the Megger PFL20M1500. It is a cable fault locator that features arc reflection, proof and burn, impulse current, high voltage surge and pulse echo to pre-locate, locate and condition faults. Its internal inverter allows you to operate it using a 12 Volt battery. It has a tough, compact and lightweight construction that can handle harsh operating conditions. This makes it a reliable fault locating system ideal for field or industrial applications.

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