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The Megger MRPT8430 Relay Test Set

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A relay is an electromagnetic switch that enables a small current to control large currents.  Its contacts can deteriorate after some time due to arcing, contamination and formation of carbon deposits. These factors can cause intermittent operation and power loss in the system. A relay test set is used by engineers, electricians and technicians to verify if a relay is operating within its specifications.

A test set conducts a test by injecting a current and checking how the relay will operate on that condition. A popular tester used is the Megger MPRT8430 test set. It is a three phase tester with four voltage and current or eight current outputs. It has a LCD touch screen which is user friendly. This test set can provide a constant power output of 200VAC per channel. Megger MPRT8430 has a built-in battery simulator with several DC voltage outputs. It also features ten programmable inputs as well as six programmable outputs. With this tester, you can get a high output current of up to 120 amperes by setting the four channels in parallel.

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