The Megger Meter for Component and Insulation Resistance Testing

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Insulation resistance testing is a reliable tool to monitor the condition of electrical equipment and whether it is ready to take on any task it is called upon to perform. Insulating materials surround circuitry including wire, cable, control devices, transformers, motors and generators. 

When equipment is brand new, the insulating materials are in a condition to put out large amounts of resistance, however once they are put into service, they experience a decline in that resistance largely due to the gradual degradation of the insulation. With each percentage of deterioration, the equipment’s expected life also decreases. The Megger testing equipment offers various models to be used to measure changes in insulation so that equipment can be repaired prior to any service failure. 

Another valuable system within the same family is the Megger DLRO, a low resistance ohmmeterthat gives users the ability to eliminate quickly measure resistance levels of mechanical components as well as ground bonding and joints. 

With Megger systems to test the component and insulation resistances, users will have a full range available to insure that the machines and protective insulation that surround them are viable and able to fulfill the purpose to which they are put. 

Protec offers every sort of Megger meter, analyzer and system that can perform the appropriate testing for all your electrical needs. We are here to offer smart ideas on how equipment rental can help your company’s bottom line.