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The Megger Meter – Accurate, Compact and Efficient

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The Megger digital low resistance ohmmeter is a versatile instrument that is capable of providing test currents ranging between 10 amps and 200 amps subject to supply voltage and low resistance. This Megger meter can measure resistances at high currents starting at 0.1 µO and going up to 1 O. The Megger test equipment comprises of a liquid crystal display that is large enough to show test information and measurement outcome clearly.

The unique design of this equipment makes it a perfect fit for use at home, production floor, or at the workshop.  Its high current potential and compactness makes it suitable for carrying out circuit breaker contacts tests, testing of busbar joints, switch contacts or other applications which require high current.
This device allows you to store at most 300 result sets in its on-board storage. It comes with an alpha-numeric keypad that you can use to add notes to any result stored in its memory.

It can check the stability of a test circuit, and it quickly ramps a test current up to any desired level.  Its keyboard can also be used to set lower and upper limits for the outcome and to avert the usage of extreme currents by setting allowable test current as the upper limit.