The Megger CFL510F TDR is available for Rent from Protec

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Time domain reflectometers are used to detect cable faults. It can test cables and detect faults up to a distance of 10000 feet. A TDR detects cable problems by sending a pulse and measuring the time of the pulse echo. Cable problems like poor splicing, discontinuity and poor joints can change the impedance of the cable which causes the pulse to be reflected back. 

The Megger CFL510F is a popular TDR that features a fault location range of 30 feet to 10000 feet. It has a built in matching networks that automatically adjust to different kinds of cables like power, CATV, telephone as well as cellular cables. It is very portable and is powered by 6 AA cells which has an operating time of up to 30 hours. It has a large back-lit LCD display which makes testing convenient even in poorly-lit environments. The backlight has a power saving feature that maximizes battery efficiency by automatically turning off after a minute. It has a safety rating of Category III up to 300V.

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