The Megger CFL510F: A Dependable Cable Fault Locator

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Cable fault locators make spotting of bad cables easy. It allows the technician to determine the exact location of a cable defect and address it immediately. This tool is ideal for checking the integrity of long cable installations found in power facilities, phone systems and computer networks.

cable fault locator works by using the principle of time domain reflectometry. It spots defects by injecting a short-duration pulse into the cable. Electrical impulses travel at a constant speed and this information allows the tester to calculate for the defect’s exact location. A good cable should not reflect any test signal back to the tester and allow the signal to pass and die out at the other end. Defects causes a local change on the impedance causing the test signal to be reflected back.

If you are looking for a dependable TDR, you might want to check out the CFL510F Megger tester. It lets you detect cable problems on cables as long as 10000 feet. It also features an impedance-matching system to match the test sample’s impedance.

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