The Megger CB-100 Offers Low Voltage Power Factor and Capacitance Measurements

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The common cause of failures in and electrical facility are insulation defects. Insulation on electrical equipment tends to open up after a while of operation. This can be accelerated by factors like humidity, electrical stress, mechanical factors and heat. It is important to spot early deterioration so you can recondition the parts. This will save you money on major repairs and reduce the hassle of unexpected service interruptions.

If you are thinking of getting an insulation tester, you might be interested in the Megger CB-100power factor test set. This tool allows you to automatically measure power factor in percent. This saves you time and effort because you do not need to calculate the test results. It also features a low test voltage of 28 Volts which makes it safe for your equipment. To help reduce inaccurate readings caused by 60 Hertz power line interference, the CB-100 shifts the bridge output to 100 Hertz. Its bandpass filter rejects unwanted currents and allows the desired currents to be measured. This Megger insulation test set also has the capability to measure capacitance from 20 picoFarad to 1.2 microFarad which allows you to test oil-filled circuit breakers and bushings with capacitor taps.

If you are interested in the Megger CB-100, consider renting one from Protec. You can reach us at 1-866-352-5550 for more details about the rental options of the CB-100.