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The Megger CB-100 28V Power Factor Test Set

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When you need to test the insulation of your wires and cables accurately and quickly, there are no better meters than a Megger meter. And when you’re choosing from all the fine models that Megger offers, the Megger CB-100 28V Power Factor Test set gives you everything you’ll need to take correct measurements, and it will even offset interference for you.

The Megger CB-100 28V test set allows you to test even the most complicated network of insulating systems without ever having to change leads, and it’s low voltage makes it one of the safest meters on the market to operate. Once the measurements are taken the device will automatically dissipate the measurements so there are absolutely no calculations on the user’s part, making it even easier. The device also comes with five different test modes and testing can be done to either GST or UST configurations, but those features aren’t what users love most.

That feature is the fact that this meter will take care of any of the interference that often comes at 60 Hertz by changing the frequency of the bridge output to 100 Hertz. Again, it’s all done automatically and all by this little machine, so there’s almost nothing left for you to do except wait for your test results.

When you need the best and easiest test set, this one from Megger is certainly one of the top contenders. Contact us today at Protec Equipment to hear more about this Megger rental, and how it can be yours today!