The MCT1600 Megger Meter for Convenient CT Testing

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Bad current transformers in circuit breakers can cause serious problems. If the voltage fluctuates, the circuit breaker may not trip and cause an electrical failure. Current transformers should be checked regularly for defects to prevent the hassles of electrical failures. One tester suited for this application is the MCT1600 from Megger. It’s a 1.6 kiloVolt microprocessor controlled CT tester with variable output voltage that can also test CTs mounted in transformers and switch gears.

This Megger meter lets you conduct manual and automated testing of demagnetization, phase deviation, polarity, saturation and knee point. It also has an integrated direct current insulation tester so you can test insulation integrity in CTs. Test results are displayed on its well-lit LCD screen which is viewable in dark and even in bright environments. You also have the option to store the results to a USB flash drive for later analysis. The integrated keyboard lets you input data for easy data entry.

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