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The Improved Raytech Micro Junior II DLRO

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Rusty terminals or carbonized contacts can reduce the efficiency of electrical components in a power system. A digital low resistance ohmmeter is a test device that measures the resistances of bonded metals, relay contacts, electrical terminals or any metal in contact with another metal. An increase in resistance on these devices can be a sign of degradation.

The Raytech Micro Junior II is a high precision DLRO or contact resistance meter that has a maximum output current of 10 amperes. It has 5 current ranges with a resistance range from 0.1 micro ohms up to 400 kilo ohms. It also has a RS232 serial port so the device can be attached to a computer for enhanced features. Its LCD panel has a back lighting system so that you can read the results even on a poorly-lit environment. You can store up to 2000 test results in its built-in memory storage and recall it at a later time. It has an integrated printer which gives you the option to print the test results. With its rugged construction and waterproof case, it can withstand harsh working environments.

This DLRO is available for rent from Protec. Call us to learn more about other available high voltage test equipment and test equipment rental options.