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The Importance of Testing your Circuit Breaker

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A circuit breaker is a magnetic switch that protects electrical systems from short circuit or electrical overloads. It is advisable to do a routine check on the circuit breaker because if it is faulty, it can damage equipment and cause electrical fires. A circuit breaker test set can help check the integrity of the breaker.

A circuit breaker stays closed if the current flow in the circuit is within the normal range. However, if the circuit reaches a predetermined maximum current level, the circuit breaker opens its contacts to interrupt the current flowing. This prevents the whole electrical system from shorting out which can cause fire or damage to other equipment. It is important to test circuit breakers to make sure it is operating properly. If the circuit breaker is faulty and does not trip on current overload, it may cause fire or blow up your electrical system. Detecting it before it fails can save you a lot of money and time in repairs. Through this simple preventive step, you’d also be avoiding accidents and injuries of the people in the work place.

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