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The Importance of Reducing Power Line Distortion in Hospitals

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Hospitals have equipment that is very sensitive to electromagnetic interference. MRIs, ventilators and other equipment can malfunction and put a patient’s life in danger. It is important to keep the power line reliable and with minimal distortion to prevent problems. Correcting the power line problem will also help extend the operating life of medical equipment.

The most common source of electromagnetic interference is from the power line. When the power line is distorted because of non-linear loads, it generates a lot of harmonics extending through the radio frequency spectrum. This radio energy is radiated throughout the building via the electrical wiring and interferes with the operation of other equipment. The electrical pathways on the equipment’s printed circuit board act like small radio antennas and absorb the interference. 
Power quality analyzers help breakdown the different distortion present in the power line. This allows the technician to figure our how to correct the distortion and reduce the electromagnetic radiation. 

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