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The Importance of Optimizing the Electrical System in Data Centers

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Facilities with sensitive electronic equipment like data centers need a power line that has minimal distortion. With the number of computer switched-mode power supplies connected to the electrical system, harmonics and other forms of distortion are generated which affects the computer system. Even with proper surge protection and a UPS hooked up, the computers can still malfunction because of poor power quality.

It is important to keep the power line well conditioned to reduce the possible bad effects of poor power quality. Computers are very sensitive to interference and voltage variations which can cause them to become unstable. Not correcting power line distortion can cause the computers and the network to lock up. This can interrupt the operations and cause delays. Data centers cannot afford downtime because of its mission-critical role. You don’t want your equipment malfunctioning or getting damaged because this can lead to revenue loss. It is a good idea to invest in 
electrical test equipment that can help optimize the power line. 

If you do not have diagnostic equipment available, consider renting equipment from ProtecEquipment Resources. We carry a wide selection of tools like power quality analyzers, earth testers, TDRs and more. Contact us if you have questions about our services.