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The Importance of DC Hipot in Quality Control of Cables

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The DC high potential stress test is the preferred method of checking the reliability of insulators in new cables. Testing cables before energizing them for operation allows technicians to weed out bad cables caused by manufacturing defects, storage and normal aging. Cables with faulty insulation can cause serious problems to the electrical system if they are installed without testing.

DC hipot is a simple test where a tester applies a very high voltage to the test sample. This test voltage is usually 2-3 times the maximum rating of the test sample. The test voltage is held for a while to determine if the sample can withstand it. This is the reason it is called a stress test or withstand test. This high voltage test allows technicians to determine if the insulator of the test sample can handle voltages above its rating without serious damage. Normal operation has a lot of voltage variations and spikes. It is important for insulators to have an allowance above its maximum rating for these voltage variations.

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