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The I8557 Insulation Multimeter from Fluke Power Test Instruments

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The Fluke 18557 is a very versatile testing tool that combines a MegOhmmeter with multi-meter functions. It also features a lightweight and portable construction which makes it suitable for field applications.

This tester is one of the most portable insulation testers available on the market. It only weighs 1.2 lbs but is packed with features. It can put out insulation test voltages of up to 1000 Volts. It can measure resistances up to 50 MegOhms with a resolution of 0.01 MegOhms. It can resist shocks when dropped at a maximum height of 1 meter. It also features over-voltage protection and automatic discharge of test sample after testing. This equipment from 
Fluke Power testing instruments is powered by four AA batteries which can last for 1000 hours. It doesn’t only measure insulation resistances, it can also measure AC/DC voltages, currents, capacitance, frequency, test continuity and diodes. This tester integrates two device functions into one. You do not need to use a separate instrument for other tests. Everything can be done with a turn of a knob.

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