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The HVA30 is the Most Compact and Lightest Hipot Tester on the Market

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Normal hipot testers commonly come in two modules. This makes it difficult to move around especially if you need to test a lot of insulators in your electrical system. It would be also time-consuming if you need to drag test equipment to conduct insulation diagnostics. It would be nice to have an insulation testing system that offers great portability and efficiency. If you are looking for a tester with these qualities, you might be interested in the HVA30 Very Low Frequency and Direct Current Hipot tester.

HVA30 from HV Diagnostics is an efficient tool that integrates a VLF and DC hipot in one. It is the most compact and lightest hipot tester on the market. It only weighs 20 kg and comes in a single unit. Its common applications are for testing insulation on medium voltage cables, stand-offs, switch gears, transformers, motors and other high voltage apparatus. Its output test voltage has a true symmetrical sinusoidal current for accurate testing. It also features an internal storage memory for test results which can be transferred to a computer through its RS232 port.

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