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The HVA30: An All-In-One Hipot Tester

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If you constantly test the insulators in your electrical facility, you might want to consider investing in a hipot tester. Most testers available on the market are AC or DC high potential testers. If you conduct both tests, then you must buy separate equipment for each test. 

VLF and DC high potential tests are commonly conducted on cables, transformers, bushings, motors and other medium or high voltage installations. 
The VLF hipot test is often conducted as a maintenance check on components that have been in operation for a while. The DC high potential test is used as a quality control test to check the reliability of the insulator before installing it for operation. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tester that integrates both functions in one? You might be interested with the HVA30 from High Voltage Diagnostics. It can put out a 30 kiloVolt AC or DC test voltage on loads with capacitances of up to 5 microFarads. The 2-in-one function lets you save money on equipment expenses and storage space.

If you are interested in the HVA30, you can rent one from Protec. This lets you test its capabilities and helps you decide if it is a worthy investment. Call us TOLL FREE at 1-866-352-5550 for more details on this hipot tester.