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The HV Diagnostics TD30 Tan Delta Bridge for Thorough Insulation Testing

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Tan delta is a testing method that helps engineers spot defects before commissioning cables for operation. This is important because installing a defective cable in an electrical system can cause serious problems. One of the popular tan delta bridges is the TD30. It is a rugged and compact tool that can also be used to test capacitors, motors, bushings switch-gears and other insulators.

The TD30 is a compact tan delta bridge that is used in conjunction with an AC hipot like the 
HVA30. It is powered by C cell batteries which gives it up to 10 hours operation time making it suitable for field and industrial applications. Test results can be transferred to a PDA or a computer via Bluetooth connection. It comes with an analysis software to let you monitor the results in real time. This lets you analyze the test sequence in detail. The TD30 complies with the EN50191, EN61010-1 and EN60950 standards which ensures safe operation.

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