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The High Voltage PTS-200, A DC Hipot and MegOhmmeter in One

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When testing insulators, it is important not to only measure the insulation resistance but also conduct a stress test on the insulator. This way, you can confirm that the insulator is good before putting it into operation and can also prevent the hassles of unexpected electrical failure. A good tool that can help you in testing insulation integrity is the High Voltage PTS-200 hipot.

This tool offers convenient diagnostics because it combines a 
DC hipot with a MegOhmmeter. This allows you to conduct insulation tests using one tool. This not only saves you time and effort but also storage space. The PTS-200 can be used to test new or installed electrical components. The input is regulated to ensure stable and accurate testing. It has an internal high voltage shorting relay with a bleed resistor to protect the user from harm caused by residual power. It also has transit protected glass front meters, cushion grip handles and rugged protective casing.

Get this efficient insulator tester from Protec Equipment Resources. We can also provide you with other test equipment to suit your needs. Contact a Protec specialist today if you have any questions about the PTS-200.