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The High Voltage Inc PTS-130 DC Hipot Offers Various Test Functions for Insulation Testing

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Direct current hipot testing is used for quality control of new cables or electrical equipment before commissioning them for operation. This allows you to reduce the risk of putting defective equipment in the electrical system that might cause damage. This is a quick test that detects insulation problems not normally seen through visual inspection.

If you are looking for a 
DC hipot tester, you might be interested in the High Voltage PTS-130 tester. This test set has a output test voltage of 130 kiloVolts at 10 milliAmperes which is variable. The output is negative with a positive ground to reduce galvanic corrosion and prolong the test leads’ operating life. It has a separate high voltage test tank and control panel to reduce the risk of possible electrocution during operation. It has a built-in kiloVolt meter, ammeter and MegOhmmeter. The multiple test functions offer convenience and quicker insulation diagnostics.

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