The High Voltage ALT-120/60 Dual Output AC Hipot

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Service-aged cables should be tested often for defects because of their high risk of failure. Insulation deterioration is one of the common problems of cables. You can prevent delays and unexpected service interruptions if you detect problems early. 

A deteriorated insulator can be dangerous because it can cause unwanted currents to flow leading to short circuits and equipment damage. 
AC hipot testing is a method of determining if the insulator is still within its rating. This is to ensure that spikes and temporary voltage variations can be tolerated without damage. A common tester used for insulation testing is the High Voltage ALT-120/60 hipot. This tester has taps for 60 kiloVolts and 120 kiloVolts so you can start at a lower voltage and work your way up. This is to ensure safety and reduce the risk of insulation damage caused by very high test voltages. It also has a four-range voltage meter that can measure voltage up to 120 kiloVolts.

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