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The High Power and Versatile ISA T-1000 Relay Test Set

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Relays are designed to withstand the abuse they take from voltage spikes, inductive kickbacks and the switching of high currents. However, after a while of operation, the relay mechanism degrades. You can have problems in your electrical system when a relay fails. It is a good idea to always check for the condition of the relays to determine if they are still within their rating or they need to be replaced.

The ISA T-1000 is a high power secondary injection test set that is designed to test single phase relays and transducers. It is controlled by a powerful microprocessor which makes it accurate and stable. It has an internal memory that lets you store test results for future reference.Thisrelay test set also has an oscilloscope function for current and voltage. You also have the option to connect the tester to a computer for enhanced testing and analysis. This versatile and powerful test set is compact and lightweight. This makes it suitable for field and industrial diagnostics.

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