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The High Efficiency PFT-503CM AC Hipot from High Voltage Inc.

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Hipot testing is conducted to spot insulation problems in electrical equipment by stressing the insulator above its rating. If you are thinking of getting a tester for this application, you might be interested in the PFT-503CM hipot tester.

The PFT-503CM 
AC hipot is a rugged and reliable tool ideal for testing switch gears, motorized vacuum switches, fuses, transformers and more.  It has a variable output test voltage of up to 50 kiloVolts AC at 60 milliAmperes. It also has safety features like zero start and external safety interlocks, self resetting over current protection, guard return mode, glass windows on meters, high voltage on/off and main power buttons. These features protect the user from harm during a high voltage test. The PFT-503CM also has a capacitive load compensation feature that allows full load diagnostics with only 1.5 kVA power draw from the power line making it an efficient tester.

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