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The High Current and Portable Megger CB-845 Circuit Breaker Tester

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Circuit breakers carry very high currents in their contacts. These currents cause accelerated deterioration of the circuit breaker. Also, when the contacts open during a fault, a very high inductive kickback is created. This further damages the circuit breaker and shortens its operating life. With the stress a circuit breaker gets during operation, it is vital to regularly test for its reliability to avoid problems like unexpected repairs and damaged equipment.

The Megger CB-845 Circuit Breaker Test Set allows you to test a wide variety of protective devices like solid-state, magnetic or thermal overload relays, over current protective devices and molded case circuit breakers. It can provide a very high current of up to 5000 Amperes through a 500 Ampere circuit breaker. It utilizes a solid-state switching circuit to reduce the need for contact maintenance. This Megger meter has a digital memory ammeter and digital multirange timer to monitor the test parameters. It has a two-piece design which allows you to transport the unit to places that are usually inaccessible to standard test equipment like in subsurface load centers and shipboard power panels.

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