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The Hassles of Poor Power Quality in an Electrical System

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Poor power quality can cause equipment to malfunction. This can be very annoying especially if your machinery trips unexpectedly in the middle of operation. It can cause delay because after a while of troubleshooting, you find out that the trip was caused by a simple voltage spike.

Aside from equipment malfunction, power line distortion shortens the operating life of your equipment. Motors are tolerant to power line sags. If sag is present, the motor compensates by drawing more current to keep its speed synchronized to the power line frequency. However, this causes more heat to be generated which can deteriorate the windings. If you want to reduce the hassle of power line distortion, you should optimize your power line for maximum efficiency. This not only saves you money on equipment repairs and replacements, it also helps reduce electrical consumption. Invest in good 
power quality analyzers, insulation testers, oscilloscopes and other electrical test equipment. If your company budget is not ready for these expenses, consider renting equipment first. You can optimize your power line without spending thousands of dollars on equipment purchases.

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