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The Handheld and Lightweight MOM2 Megger DLRO

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A microOhmmeter has a different method of measuring extremely low resistance. It applies a very high current to the sample and measures the voltage drop across it. A microprocessor then automatically calculated for the resistance. The input of the microOhmmeter utilizes a Double Kelvin Bridge input to ensure that the lead resistance won’t affect the readings.

Megger_MOM2-1Most microOhmmeters or Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters have a bulky construction due to their current output. Most devices have an output of 10 Amperes. With the advancement of technology, a handheld device can now put out as much as 220 A using only batteries.

The MOM2 Megger DLRO offers a 220-Ampere output using only batteries. Its built-in high capacity ultra capacitor allows the device to put out this much current.. This lets the MOM2 microOhmmetermeasure resistance from 1 μΩ up to 1000 mΩ. It has a automated range selection function to speed up testing and also features DualGround technology for extra safety during diagnostics.

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