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The GE TVTS1 Secondary Injection Test Set, Available from Protec

General Electric TVTS1 Secondary Injection Test SetIf your electrical system contains circuit breakers that are controlled by GE MicroVersa Trip Solid State Trip devices, electrical operational testing can easily be performed using the General Electric TVTS1 Secondary Injection Test Set which has features to effectively test these breakers.

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MicroVersaTrip units are modern circuit breaker trip devices that replace old electromechanical protective devices. Unlike old circuit breakers that rely on the tension spring setting to determine at what level the breaker should interrupt the current, MicroVersa trip units feature digital circuitry to accurately monitor the power system’s load conditions. This prevents the breakers from interrupting temporary overcurrent conditions caused by the inrush currents of startup processes etc. It also has an integrated metering and control features for easy calibration. GE offers a secondary injection test set designed to effectively test MicroVersa trip units. Its TVTS1 circuit breaker test set features 2 modes for testing the programmer or the complete trip unit. This lets you do a partial and full diagnostics on the trip device that controls circuit breaker operations.


If you are interested in the GE TVTS1, you can check it out at Protec Equipment Resources. We lease and sell test equipment to cater to your needs. Our inventory carries a wide range of low and high voltage diagnostic equipment from notable manufacturers. Contact us and browse our inventory for the tools you need.


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published June, 2011 and has been updated freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.